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Inside Passage and Our Town

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The Inside Passage is a coastal route for ships and boats along with a network of passages that weave through the islands on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the North American Fjordland. The route extends from southeastern Alaska in the United States, through western British Columbia in Canada, to northwestern Washington state in the United States. Ships using the route can avoid some of the bad weather in the open ocean and may visit some of the many isolated communities along the route. 

Wildlife abounds in Petersburg. Eagles are regularly seen in the trees and on the beaches around town. Over 240 species of birds have been recorded on the 210 square mile island. Mitkof Island is also home to healthy wolf, black bear, deer, and moose populations. Sea lions and seals are often seen in the harbor and the waters surrounding Petersburg. During the summer, hundreds of humpback whales live and feed about 40 miles north of Petersburg where Frederick Sound joins with Stephens Passage. These can be best viewed with local charters specializing in marine tours.


To get an up-close view of our rugged and beautiful home, climb aboard one of our day tours on the Point Retreat or consider renting our Old Town canoes.


Glacier and Whale Tours

  • The Point Retreat (passenger vessel) – this touring vessel offers up to 13 sightseers and photographers, a day of amazing views of Alaska’s natural beauty. She offers a roomy heated cabin, with elevated booth seating and comfortable restroom. (May 12- Sept. 17)​​  

    • Private Tour – up to thirteen people can enjoy a prearranged voyage discovering Alaskan wildlife and adventure, on your way to Portage, Thomas Bay, or the LeConte Glacier.

    • Whisker & Whales Tour – during your 100-mile voyage in Frederick Sound, relax as you take in the marine life and stunning views - including snow-topped mountains.​

    • "Ice, Ice, Baby" LeConte Glacier Tour – enjoy the dynamic action and ever-advancing glacier as it frequently calves. 


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