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Glacier Tours
Alaska's Little Norway

LeConte Glacier is North America’s southernmost tidewater glacier, combining snow-covered peaks at heights of 4,000+ feet, roaring waterfalls, colossal icebergs, all set among playful seals & sea lions, bald eagles, and the occasional mountain goat. The massive ice field stretches over 120 miles and is active, advancing, and frequently calving. This photo features the famous Devil's Thumb mountain, elevation 9077 ft.) overlooking Petersburg at the mouth of the Wrangell Narrows. Devils Thumb, or Taalkhunaxhkʼu Shaa in Tlingit, is a mountain in the Stikine Icecap region of the Alaska–British Columbia border, near Petersburg. It is named for its projected thumb-like appearance. Its name in the Tlingit language means "the mountain that never flooded" and is said to have been a refuge for people during Aangalakhu.

So, if touring LeConte Glacier, is still on your bucket list, Seek Alaska Tours offers several glacier sailings for your Alaskan adventure. Note that all prices include USCG licensed captains, crew, and vessels. 

P/V Point Retreat

  • "Ice, Ice Baby"  LeConte Glacier, Half-Day Tour - $250

  • Whiskers and Whales  Fredrick Sound, Full Day Tour - $350

  • Private Sailing, custom-designed for your party of 1-13 Passengers -  $3,200



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