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  • Payment and Confirmation: Payment in full is due at the time of booking. You will receive a receipt and booking confirmation to the email address associated with the booking. Check-in instructions and other useful information is included for your convenience.

  • Payment can be made through Venmo or our booking company found on our wesite Peek Pro . All payments must be in US currency.


  • AnAn Cancellation Fee: $25 per person

  • Cancellation Refunds:

    All cancellations must be in writing.

    • 60+ days before tour date: A full refund will be given

    • 60-30 days before tour date: Cancellations made 60-30 days prior to tour date will be 50% refunded

    • Less than 30 days before tour date: No refunds are available

    Weather and Travel: Cancellations due to weather or travel complications, prohibiting clients from arriving in Wrangell, will follow our standard cancellation policy.

    Please contact Alaska Waters for extenuating circumstances. We highly recommend travelers’ insurance to all our customers.

    In the rare event that Alaska Waters, Inc. cancels a tour prior to departure and guests cannot be rescheduled, a full refund will be granted.

Tour Policies

  • Check-in Policies: 

    •  Check-in 15 minutes before departure time at Alaska Waters’ Tour Desk & 56° North, located off City Dock in the NAPA building. 5 Front St. Unit 1 in Wrangell, Alaska 99929.

    • Depending upon the tour.  Guests are required to sign a Responsibility Waiver.

    • Boat Tours –  When the captain is ready for passengers, guests are escorted from our Tour Desk to City Dock’s summer float (approximately five minutes prior to departure time).

    • Bus Tours – Guests are escorted to the bus or van.

    AnAn Bear & Wildlife Observatory expectations:

    • Always follow guide’s directions

    • No food or scented items (gum, flavored water, etc.)

    • No loud noises or disturbances

    • No running or sudden movements

    AnAn Observatory Minimum Age Policy:

    • The standard minimum age for our AnAn Bear & Wildlife Observatory Tour is 12 years.

      • However, there are exceptions based on the youth in question. We request that parents evaluate their kids, as we’ve seen many kids that could abide by our expectations and many that could not.

      • Disturbances can create difficult and dangerous situations. Although the bears are accustomed to human presence on the trail and at the observation deck, these close encounters with large predators remain serious and must be treated as such. Experiences, such as these, are very controlled and our guides are more than capable. We do not wish to alarm guests, we just want to make it clear what guests should expect and why this policy is in place.

    AnAn Trail Disclaimer:

    • AnAn Bear & Wildlife Observatory Tour will disembark in a tidal area. There are large and, at times, slippery rocks to traverse before guests reach AnAn trailhead.

    • Guests will walk the 5/8 mile trail under the following conditions: The trail itself is a narrow boardwalk without hand rails, including sets of stairs, that covers the diverse and sometimes uneven landscape. The land often forms in slight hills on the sides of the trail, which may be a concern for those with a fear of heights. This trail is rated as Moderately Difficult.

      • Although guests are escorted to AnAn by Alaska Waters Guides, these guides are there specifically to manage bear interactions. In no circumstance can our guides assist guests in walking the trail.

    Additional Policies:

    • Passengers weighing in excess of 300 lbs. must be allocated two seats and charged an additional 50% of the normal tour price.

    • Tour itineraries may vary dependent upon wind, weather, tide conditions & captain discretion. Tour departure times are subject to change.

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