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Petersburg, AK

Photographer/Videographer Jeremy Collison

Let our lifetime of experience, serve you with an experience of a lifetime. 


USCG Licensed Captains, Vessels, and Crew

Mike Schwartz
Robyn Cadenas

Captain Mike,  owner and operator of the K 'n I, is a well known author, salty Alaskan and Petersburg personality. He has many loves; but one of his favorites is to bring guests out on the water to whale watch and view the magnificence of the LeConte Glacier. Robyn, Dan's wife, is our content creator. We couldn't do this without her. 


Dan Cardenas

Quick of wit, a seasoned fisherman, tour guide, engineer and dynamite Son-in-law, Captain Dan is happy to escort you through the fjords of Southeast Alaska. We're very blessed he is on our Seek Alaska Team. He and our crew, Cami Hammer, will make your tour on the Point Retreat a memory to last a lifetime. 


Rob Schwartz

Embark on a journey with Captain Rob, 5th generation Alaskan, and owner and operator of Seek Alaska Tours. He will personalize your encounter in Alaska with an authentic, informative, and lively perspective. His wealth of knowledge of SE waters, history, and lore will astound you. 


Our Family

Our Faith and family sustain us. For 7 generations, we have enjoyed the liberty and quality of life that Alaska provides. Surrounded by lush rainforest, rugged mountains, and majestic fjords, we work hard and love life.

Bridget, Jeffry-NP, Tom, Colleen, Rob, Dan, Robyn, Teagen & Grand Boys x4

Seek Alaska Testimonial

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Ocean Victory: How this new, small ship is a game changer for Alaska cruises


Jeri Clausing

In Petersburg, Alaska, we hopped aboard the 13-passenger Point Retreat jet boat operated by a father-son team, Rob and Teagen Schwartz, who promised to get us closer to the LeConte Glacier than any of the other small boats in the town, which gets regular visits from small adventure ships but not the larger ocean liners.

On the way, they took us on a detour along the coast to see whales and bears – a route that also took us past Bootleg Creek, where Rob said his great-grandfather used to buy moonshine from a man who in 1929 was found “deader than a doornail, curled up with a bottle.”

Ultimately, they kept true to their word, navigating for nearly two hours through dense fields of breathtaking blue and white icebergs while regaling us with stories of life in the Last Frontier.


Footage from Molly Platt

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